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Headquartered in Copenhagen, Airshells took flight in 2005 with the vision to create a solid and durable safety bag for effective and inexpensive protection of strollers/prams/wheelchairs during flight.


Airshells can offer you the protection you need because the product has been developed, and tested tirelessly in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading specialists in protective bags for transport. The result is Airshells, an innovative travel solution that has since proven it’s unique ruggedness and highly effective content protection, combined with a relatively lightweight and easily manageable carrying bag. 


The company has achieved massive growth in recent years and is now operating in more than 200 airports worldwide. Airshells are booked online at and can be picked up conveniently in the airport. Since the company's inception, more than 150,000 travelers have used Airshells’ products, and every week more than 500 Airshells is out flying. Our customers appreciate the worry-free service we deliver that eliminates the risk of damage to your belongings, ensuring that your travel plans run smoothly. 


Today Airshells is the world's leading provider of protective bags for air travel. Our vision is to expand this growth through continuous product development to help our customers achieve the best travel experience possible. 


Starting September 2016 we have introduced two "Exclusive" new products to enhance our service. The special insurance for all our customers and the home delivery service in the UK.


Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction and it is your feedback that helps us drive the constant improvement of Airshells' service and products. Feel free to contact us anytime at . You can also visit us on Facebook:


Have a great trip!


Kim Christensen

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